Structural Engineering Design

At ALTRA 9, we offer simple, but effective solutions to a variety of your Structural Engineering design requirements.

Our wide range of services includes:
•   Engineering Design and Drafting
•   RPEQ Certification Site Measuring
•   New Product Development
•   Project Management
•   Project Estimation and Costing

We work closely with our Clients from the early stage of the design process so we can draft up some conceptual options which are then reviewed with the client, so that we can get their input at the early stage of the design process.

We are then able to produce full preliminary design drawings for final comments before finalising the design for Tender or Issued For Construction.

After the completion of the project we are able to offer the services to finalise this process and capture any variations in the As Constructed drawings.

All ALTRA 9 Designs take into account the latest relevant Australian Standards or applicable guidelines for the project and are checked and certified by our Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (R.P.E.Q)

ALTRA 9 is able to offer site measuring to assist with capturing the actual proposed site conditions/limitations. This is very important as you need to take into consideration the surrounding environment as it may impact on the proposed design.

ALTRA 9 has a broad variety of knowledge from the Automotive, Mechanical and Structural fields.
We also have a broad knowledge of the current Australian Standards, ISO Standards and ADR’s that we base the new product design on so it complies with the appropriate standards.

As ALTRA 9 would have a great depth of knowledge on your project, due to the design process, we also able to assist you with your Project Management needs.

ALTRA 9 has direct access to a list of our own preferred providers that we have a close working relationship with, over the last 20+ years. With the help of these reliable, good quality suppliers, we are able to accurately estimate lead times and costings to assist you with an overall project costs.